Hitman 2 – Elusive Target Tales – ‘The Undying’

Hitman 2’s first ‘Elusive Target’ dropped recently, and I was incredibly excited. I never had a chance to participate in the Hitman 2016 targets so couldn’t wait to get my barcoded self suited up and on the hunt for none other than Sean Bean. The renowned actor plays Mark Faba, a disgraced former MI5 agent, notorious for coming back from the dead.

Code-named “The Undying”, this clever play on words eludes to the fact that Sean tends to die in everything he performs in, and now Agent 47 has been sent to Miami (“The Finish Line”) to finish him off for good.

The Planning Phase 

After the success of my Sierra Knox assassination, I thought I had to go with the sniper rifle for this mission, although I actually forgot about this until I realized it was the better option. A quick and easy job in where I’d find my vantage point, remove any obstacles, take my shot and make a swift exit, I thought. I wasn’t worried about the body being found, as long as the job was done – since for those of you who don’t know, you only get one opportunity to complete an Elusive Target.

I chose a van in the parking lot to stash my briefcase that contained an unsuppressed Jaeger 7 sniper rifle. I went for the classic suppressed pistol (although I swiftly ditched this once I had started, wary that I could have been frisked.) I also went with the Lockpick MKII to gain access to the snipers nest and opted for coin’s over the fiber wire.


I began on a bench by the dolphin monument, at this point unsure of how to execute my plan. I started by making my way into the convention center where I found an informant who could get me into a meeting with Mark, but that was as far as he could get me. I thought I’d ride it out and see if opportunity came to me, so I quickly hopped into a maintenance room where I silently and non-lethally dispatched a worker in able to use his disguise.

Ready to go, I returned to the informant who led me up a set of stairs, past countless heavily armed guards, into a meeting room.

Dead ahead of me, Mark Faba sat impatiently. The room was swarming with security, inside and out, this wouldn’t do. I let the meeting play out for a little while, unsure if an opportunity would present itself, until I heard Mark mention he was going to take a cigarette break. I promptly made my way to the open balcony, expecting an easy kill, where I was met with yet more guards. I waited a while, until I realized the Elusive Targets don’t show up as red when using instinct like a regular target. I’d lost him.

Damn it, I thought. He could be anywhere! I spent the next ten minutes frantically searching the swanky meeting rooms, littered throughout the top floor of the venue, to no avail. 

It wasn’t until I was combing around for supplies that I noticed a raspy British voice reverberating through the corridors. 

“Yes…we’ve all heard the stories, let him come for me I say.”

I wasn’t going to let him go this time. I followed him for a good while until I had noticed a pattern, he always went to a tech lab to see what the technicians had been cooking up, but his security stood close by at all times. It was here that I began to look for another view into the room because I had remembered that I stashed my sniper rifle in the ground floor parking lot.

I immediately made my way and retrieved my suitcase from the van, gunning for the race control room adjacent to the tech lab where Mark visited frequently.

As I approached the unguarded door’s I had become thankful that I remembered to pack the lock-pick tool as I made my way into the room. Upstairs, the room was inhabited by two technicians who didn’t pay attention to me as I shifted my way into the back room. I planned my escape route to ensure a smooth exit and switched the fuse box off to lure one of them in, quickly subduing him. The remaining technician was as easy as a wrench to the head, and I was now alone to prepare. 

I assembled my sniper rife, and waited for the perfect opportunity. 


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