Picture Perfect – Week 1

Like many, I love taking pictures in games, photo-mode or not. Nothing better than snapping a stunning cinematic shot of a beloved moment in your favourite games.

I’ve got a huge backlog of great shots to share, and I thought I would compile them into a weekly screenshot showcase for you to enjoy.

I’ll leave them completely unedited.

This week is entirely Red Dead Redemption 2, simply because it’s drop dead gorgeous and filling up my hard drive in no time!

The lists aren’t always restricted to one game, but for the sake of organisation they may be for a few of the first posts.

Please, enjoy!

NOTE: The quality seems to have been significantly reduced after upload, but there’s nothing I can do about that unfortunately!

Rhodes saloon.
Arthur flaunting a new haircut in Valentine.
Foggy Saint Denis.
A man smoking in the warm glow of a streetlight.
Arthur joins the festivities.
Saint Denis at night.
The electric chair makes it’s shocking debut.
More night-time Saint Denis.
And more..
The majestic Raleur Theater.
The swamp engulfed in sun.
Camp at sun-down.
Playing for tips in Saint Denis.
A wagon working the night-shift.
View from the afternoon.
The camp in high spirits.
Arthur after a drastic style change.
A tree bathes in light.
Arthur’s first jaunt in Saint Denis.


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