Released This Week(s) – 19/11/2018 – Battle on a literal field V

So not too much going on as this bizarrely mild November and climax to the Christmas games rush draws to a close. This year has gone absurdly quick – someone needs to turn the god damn time machine off…

I’m combining the next two weeks this time as I don’t feel one release for next week merits an entire post!

Let’s get started shall we.

Battlefield 5

Just the SMALL matter of a new Battlefield release this week…

With fan-favourite setting World War II making it’s much anticipated return, the latest iteration in the treasured Battlefield series follow’s in its predecessors footsteps by including a full seven to eight-hour campaign in the form of renowned campaign mode War Stories.

The meat of the game for most seasoned players – multiplayer– remains relatively comparable to Battlefield 1 (wow that timeline is messy, for those who don’t know BF1 was the previous title) with welcome tweaks, additions and of course a brand-new arsenal, maps, customisation and so on – though early reports suggest the maps lack the verticality and scale that made their renowned ancestors so great, describing some maps as ‘flatter than other games.’ 

War Stories in BF1 were widely famous for being a fresh and innovative shock-wave to the series, not something often cited in relation to the military shooter genre, so I’m pleased they’ve decided to continue the trend this year!

Darksiders 3

A long six years after the unexpectedly enjoyable and well received Darksiders II, the third adaptation in the series finally see’s the light of day after unfortunate studio closures and asset auctions, eventually being picked up by Gunfire Games.

The hack-and-slash adventure promises varied but familiar combat in a continuous open world environment where the player must overcome puzzles and platforming sequences, making use of an admittedly interesting sounding whip mechanic.

I for one feel like it’s too late for Darksiders, the series was never a huge hit in the first place and the resurrection of what feels like a lacking IP from an inexperienced development studio spells trouble for me. That being said, I hope I’m proved wrong!

Nidhogg 2 (Switch Port)

I don’t even own a Switch, I tend to only include Switch games on my list’s if they’re interesting or in this case a perfect fit. Nidhogg 2 seems like just that, a side-splitting little multiplayer time-killer that will feel right at home on the Switch.

Not much more to say about that to be honest because Nidhogg is one of those where it’s so simple, it makes it hard to explain!

I mean…that’s kind of it! I’ll compile a list below of every other release but these are the one’s I think deserved the limelight this week!


  • Farming Simulator 19
  • Jurassic World: Evolution – Secrets of Dr.Wu DLC
  • Woodpunk
  • This War of Mine: Complete Edition (Switch Port)
  • Ride 3

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