The Prodigy – No Tourists – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


The Prodigy show no signs of letting up on their electric seventh studio album ‘No Tourists’. The record is urgently driven by the high-energy synthetic fire that The Prodigy are notorious for.

As always, the angst and fury shine through effortlessly like in the rebellious Fight Fire With Fire featuring the morose alternative Hip-Hop and Punk group Ho99o9.

NeedSome1 makes me want to bop my head until my neck snaps with its tight drums and haunting synth lead and Light Up The Sky will be a hit with the older generation and fans of the old school as Keith Flint graces the mic with his renowned vocals reminiscent of The Prodigy classic Firestarter.


My personal favourite is the thumping Boom Boom Tap that includes a spellbinding voice clip that precedes to lead it’s gargantuan claps and snares on a captivating ride.

The tracks don’t slow down there, Timebomb Zone and Resonate while contrasting in style share a similar level of energy that keep the listener tickled and far far away from the skip track button.

The Prodigy may be getting older, but their message and music remains fresh, catchy and relevant.


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